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Between postpartum hair loss (six instances!) and Hashimoto’s, I noticed an excessive amount of hair go down the drain prior to now. I exploit castor oil for hair development and this hair growth serum, however there’s much more to how one can cease thinning hair. Right here I cowl how one can care for skinny hair and encourage hair development.

What Causes Skinny Hair in Girls?

It’s doable to repair thinning hair, however we have to know why it’s falling out within the first place. There are a number of the reason why ladies expertise thinning hair.

In contrast to males, ladies don’t normally get a receding hairline or a bald spot, however hair doesn’t develop because it ought to. Hair has a shorter development cycle over the crown, falls out faster, and the wispy hairs are quick.

Postpartum Hair Loss

It’s regular to lose a couple of dozen hairs a day, however hair doesn’t fall out prefer it normally does during pregnancy. After child is born although, these thick tresses can come out by the handful, so hair appears to be like thinner than standard.

Hormone Imbalances

Hair loss in ladies that resembles male sample baldness might imply a hormone imbalance, like extra male hormones. Docs typically advocate hormone remedy medication for this kind of hair loss. Sadly these medication could cause uncomfortable side effects and aren’t secure throughout being pregnant.

Hormonal adjustments throughout menopause also can contribute to thinning hair.

Too Many Manly Hormones

Hyperandrogenism is when a lady’s physique makes too many male hormones, referred to as androgens. These additional male hormones could cause hair loss. Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is the most typical trigger of additional male hormones. PCOS is linked with hair loss, weight problems, zits, irregular menstrual cycles, and infertility.

Hormones play an enormous half in our hair’s development cycle. We want estrogens to assist our hair keep within the development section for the correct amount of time. Male hormones, aka androgens, aren’t as hair pleasant and make hair’s development cycle shorter.

When these hormones are out of whack, hair can endure.

It’s within the Genes

It’s not as widespread as different types of thinning hair, however feminine sample hair loss is generally genetic. Genes handed down from both mother or dad inform the scalp to shed extra hair than standard. It could actually begin as early as the teenager years and the sooner it occurs the extra extreme hair loss is more likely to be. Hair thinning on the crown and hair loss on the entrance of the top are indicators of genetic balding.

Thyroid Issues

As somebody with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, I do know first hand how the thyroid can have an effect on hair. Thyroid imbalances can have an effect on hair follicles and trigger hair loss. A sluggish thyroid also can result in an iron deficiency which makes thinning hair even worse.


Stress ranges or a severe sickness can really trigger a foul hair day. After we’re below stress our physique can reply by upping male hormones. This may then set off scalp problems like dandruff and hair loss. Stress also can result in consuming adjustments (good day chocolate binge) and injury digestion, which provides to the thinning hair drawback.

Dietary Deficiencies

Low vitamin B12 could cause low vitality, fatigue, and hair loss. Crimson blood cells want B12 to work and so they’re in command of carrying oxygen to the physique. An absence of wholesome blood circulate to the scalp causes… you guessed it, hair loss.

Our blood additionally wants iron to work proper and feed the scalp for wholesome hair. Based on a 2006 article within the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology low iron ranges, even with out anemia, could cause thinning hair.

Damaging Hair Kinds

Nope, I’m not speaking about an 80s mullet. Tight hairstyles pull on hair follicles and might trigger thinning hair in line with Mayo Clinic. Tight ponytails, cornrows, sure hair merchandise, and heat from styling tools (like curling irons and hair dryers) injury hair and might trigger it to skinny.

Standard Hair Remedies for Thinning Hair

Medication for skinny hair can be found, however merely retains signs at bay. If the drug isn’t used on daily basis for the remainder of your life, hair will return to its skinny self. Scientists report this drug appears to stimulate hair development, however they’re undecided the way it works.

According to the Mayo Clinic, medication usually given for hair thinning could cause chest ache, speedy coronary heart charge, itching, flaking, redness and scalp irritation, and decrease intercourse drive. Not solely does it assist develop a full head of hair, however it might provide you with a mustache and facial hair too!

A 2014 article reported solely 30% of people that strive hair loss medication preserve taking them as a result of the uncomfortable side effects are too extreme. In fact, it’s best to seek the advice of together with your physician and do your analysis to search out out the most suitable choice for you.

Pure Cures for Thinning Hair

When you’re on the lookout for pure choices for regrowing or slowing down hair loss, there are many choices! From nutritional vitamins to meals to pure oils and hair merchandise, you may get to the foundation trigger (no pun meant) and take a look at these strategies.

1. Vitamins and Nutritional vitamins

We’re what we eat and the identical is true for our hair. A burdened and malnourished physique can’t preserve a wholesome scalp and thick locks. The Nationwide Institutes of Well being Workplace of Dietary Dietary supplements recommends the next vitamins for wholesome, thick hair:

  • Iron – Crimson blood cells want iron to work and shuttle vitamins to the scalp for wholesome hair. Heme iron from animal sources in significantly better absorbed than non-heme iron from crops. Iron-containing meals from crops are poorly absorbed as a result of additionally they include iron inhibitors that stop us from absorbing iron. Good sources of iron embrace grass-fed red meat and oysters.
  • Vitamin C – This antioxidant is a should for correct iron absorption. Most individuals consider orange juice after they assume vitamin C, however peppers are literally a a lot increased supply. Vitamin C can be present in rose hips, camu-camu powder, citrus fruit, and kiwi. You may also get vitamin C from a high quality supplement.
  • Vitamin A – Our scalp wants vitamin A to make sebum, the thick liquid that circumstances and moisturizes hair. Orange and crimson greens have beta-carotene, not preformed vitamin A. Many people have points successfully changing beta-carotene to usable vitamin A. The very best sources of preformed vitamin A embrace grass-fed meats, cod liver oil, pastured milk, and free-range eggs.
  • Biotin – This B vitamin helps preserve hair sturdy to stop breakage and thinning. Biotin is highest in beef liver, egg yolk, and salmon.
  • Zinc – The mineral zinc helps with tissue development and restore, together with hair. Grass-fed beef and pumpkin seeds are good sources.
  • Avoid Bad Fats – Unhealthy trans fat and processed meals improve irritation and contribute to hormone imbalances, like excessive DHT. An excessive amount of DHT can imply hair loss. It’s greatest to keep away from processed vegetable oils, like canola, soy, and corn. Actual olive oil is stuffed with wholesome omega-Three fatty acids that preserve our physique (and hair) at its greatest. A 2009 analysis article in Chemistry and Biodiversity discovered wholesome saturated fat really block additional DHT from forming.

2. Natural Cures

Herbs are highly effective and have been used for millennia! Strive:

Gotu Kola

Based on Dr. Sharol Tilgner’s 2009 ebook Natural Medication, gotu kola will help with thinning hair. This herb will help the physique address stress, reduces irritation, speeds therapeutic time, and stimulates circulation for hair development.

Watch out although, since pregnant mamas ought to keep away from this herb.

Horsetail and Oatstraw

Each of those herbs are excessive within the nutrient silica for sturdy hair and nails. Horsetail can be utilized on the scalp or taken as a tea or tincture, however there are extra security precautions when it’s ingested. Dr. Tilgner warns that taking horsetail dietary supplements on a regular basis could cause a B1 deficiency and it’s not secure to ingest whereas pregnant.

Pregnant (and non-pregnant) mamas can nonetheless profit from my hair growth serum and DIY hair mask that use horsetail.

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo strengthens hair, stimulates blood circulate to the scalp, and boosts antioxidants in line with the Herbal Academy of New England. This herb might intervene with sure medicines so discuss together with your healthcare supplier earlier than utilizing ginkgo when you take prescription meds. Ginkgo is available as a tea, standardized capsules, or in tincture type.

Noticed Palmetto

Noticed palmetto herb is usually utilized in males, however it could actually assist reverse thinning hair too. This herb balances testosterone ranges to assist repair thinning hair because of a hormone imbalance.

Analysis from 2009 tracked women and men making use of noticed palmetto lotion and shampoo for 3 months. Over a 3rd of the folks within the examine had thicker hair after utilizing the noticed palmetto merchandise. Practically 40% of males who took saw palmetto capsules on daily basis for two years had extra hair development.

Researchers discovered the herb was simpler for delicate and average hair loss than the hair loss drug finasteride. PCOS could cause hair loss, however noticed palmetto is used to deal with each thinning hair and different PCOS signs.


Panax or American ginseng is anti-inflammatory, boosts circulation, and helps cut back hair loss. Sadly ginseng’s recognition has prompted overharvesting and it’s an endangered plant.

Ethically sourced ginseng could be taken as a tincture or 1 gram in capsules twice day by day in line with the Winston and Maimes ebook, Adaptogens.


Hibiscus makes a scrumptious tea, however it might additionally assist reverse thinning hair. A 2003 examine discovered hibiscus salve improved hair development.

Hibiscus tea is high in vitamin C and can be utilized as a hair rinse or drank to assist hair development. I do assume it would get messy to rub hibiscus salve in your hair like within the examine!

3. Train

Train helps preserve the physique in form and working at its greatest, however it additionally helps thinning hair. After we train it reduces stress and boosts circulation, each of that are essential for hair development.

4. Biomodulation

Red light therapy or LLLT will help preserve hair trying its greatest. A 2019 article reported optimistic outcomes. In all eleven of the sunshine remedy trials, members noticed enchancment in hair loss and thickness in comparison with the management group.

5. Pumpkin Seed Oil

Pumpkin seed oil has phytosterols that cut back hormone imbalances that may result in hair loss. In a single examine, individuals who took 400 mg of pumpkin seed oil on daily basis for 24 weeks noticed a 40% enchancment in hair thickness.

6. Castor Oil

Castor oil is a thick, sticky liquid that’s fabulous for hair development. It’s antibacterial and antifungal to assist preserve the scalp wholesome. Even higher castor oil has ricinoleic acid to spice up circulation for thicker, stronger hair. Sure hair merchandise (together with overly alkaline no-poo choices) can injury the scalp, however castor oil helps restore pH stability. Right here’s how I exploit castor oil for fast hair growth.

7. Onion Juice

Sure, actually! Who is aware of what prompted folks to rub onion juice on their heads however I’m glad they did!

A 2012 article examined onion juice for hair loss. On this examine women and men utilized onion juice twice a day and noticed hair development after simply 2 weeks. By week six 71 p.c of ladies and almost 94 p.c of males had hair re-growth in comparison with simply 13 p.c within the management group.

Onions are wealthy within the antioxidant quercetin. On this animal examine, researchers injected mice with quercetin to successfully deal with and forestall hair loss brought on by irritation and autoimmune illness.

8. Inexperienced Tea

Whereas I don’t drink inexperienced tea on a regular basis (here’s why), it’s wealthy in antioxidant phytosterols which have been proven to stop and deal with thinning hair. A 2007 article discovered it could actually assist with hair development. These phytosterols decrease irritation and assist inhibit hormone exercise that results in hair loss.

9. Niacin

Also called vitamin B3 Niacin is crucial for a wholesome scalp and hair. A 2005 examine within the Journal of Beauty Dermatology examined this vitamin. The examine concerned 60 ladies with genetic hair loss. Niacin supplementation significantly elevated the ladies’s hair fullness over a 6 month interval.

This vitamin (together with hair nourishing biotin) is wealthy in egg yolks. Grandma was onto one thing together with her egg shampoo!

10. Important Oils for Thinning Hair

Rosemary important oil went face to face with a typical hair loss drug and got here out on high. Analysis from Skinmed yielded stunning outcomes. Within the examine, rosemary important oil elevated scalp circulation and labored in addition to the drug, however with much less scalp irritation.

A 1998 examine in JAMA Dermatology additionally checked out important oils for hair loss. Research members used a mix of cedarwood, lavender, and rosemary on their scalps. In comparison with the management group, the important oil group noticed vital enchancment in hair development and thickness.

The Plant Therapy blog (considered one of my favourite manufacturers) suggests the next important oils for hair development:

2 drops of Frankincense Carteri Important Oil
2 drops of Geranium Important Oil
1 tsp of Argan Provider Oil
1 tsp of Night Primrose Provider Oil

11. Hair Shampoo & Merchandise

Heavy hair care merchandise weigh hair down and contribute to breakage. Standard hair merchandise are loaded with toxins that may contribute to hormone imbalances that make thinning hair worse.

Even many no-poo options aren’t pH balanced for the scalp and over time could cause hair loss. Listed below are some scalp wholesome, pure choices for these with thinning hair:

Listed below are a few of my favourite recipes for thinning hair. When you’re quick on time, I’ve additionally included hyperlinks to wholesome choices to buy.

This text was medically reviewed by Dr. Scott Soerries, MD, Household Doctor and Medical Director of SteadyMD. As all the time, this isn’t private medical recommendation and we advocate that you just discuss together with your physician.


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