A pair weeks in the past, I answered 20 of your burning questions about collagen. As we speak I’m again for half two of this collection with 20 MORE questions.

Earlier than beginning, let me make a basic disclaimer so I don’t need to sound like a damaged report: To supply an optimum supplementation technique with any confidence, you want a reasonably substantial physique of proof to attract upon. Whereas collagen is a scorching subject, there actually isn’t a ton of analysis on collagen supplementation but, significantly not research accomplished in people. That’s to not say we’re capturing blind right here. We all know that collagen was once considerable within the human eating regimen, and we want collagen to stability out the methionine we get from meat. Plus, there is a rising (however not but in depth) literature on collagen supplementation, in addition to a good variety of research aimed toward understanding the results of particular amino acids—glycine specifically—which might be present in collagen.

All that is to say, whereas I can present my educated opinion about greatest practices, a number of the nitty-gritty questions you submitted require information we merely don’t have but. I’m hopeful that it’s forthcoming. Within the meantime, right here’s what I’ve been in a position to glean from the accessible science.

What kinds of collagen are greatest for joints and pores and skin?

Pores and skin incorporates principally type I and type III collagen. Cartilage is sort II. Nevertheless, collagen dietary supplements all comprise the identical fundamental amino acid constructing blocks. There’s no proof that one formulation is healthier than one other for reaching particular targets. You in all probability don’t want to fret about micromanaging.

How does collagen supplementation relate to using glucosamine and chondroitin for joint well being? Do we want each?

They serve totally different capabilities. Glucosamine and chondroitin are used to forestall cartilage breakdown and relieve joint ache, although proof relating to their effectiveness is blended. Collagen offers amino acids needed to construct collagen within the physique. I don’t know when you want each, however you possibly can take them collectively.


Does topical collagen work?

Collagen peptides are too giant to penetrate the pores and skin successfully, and there’s just about no proof that topical collagen merchandise have anti-aging or different beauty advantages. Some medical functions are fairly promising, although. Particularly, I’m holding my eye on analysis into collagen-based biomaterials to assist pace wound therapeutic.

Is collagen good for intestine well being? Does collagen “heal the intestine?”

“Heals the intestine” could also be too sturdy a promise, however the accessible information means that collagen does assist intestine well being. Particularly, research present that glycine—the first amino acid in collagen peptides—exerts anti-inflammatory and cytoprotective results within the intestine. Glycine protects in opposition to endotoxemia and ulcers as effectively.

For joint well being, is there a selected collagen supplementation protocol you suggest? How a lot do I’ve to take, how typically, and in what type to assist joint well being?

As I mentioned up high, we don’t have the fine-grained research we’d have to reply this query. The few accessible human research counsel that 10 grams of collagen peptides or 10 mg of undenatured sort II collagen will be sufficient to yield some advantages.

Does collagen supplementation assist when doing prolotherapy?

I like this speculation, however I don’t know that anybody has examined it. With prolotherapy, medical doctors inject an irritant round injured connective tissue, supposedly triggering the deposition of recent collagen tissue. It looks like you’d need as many accessible amino acids as potential on this scenario. Why not attempt?

Do collagen peptides pace wound therapeutic, and if sure, in what amount?

Primarily based on accessible proof, I’m pretty assured the reply is sure. Nevertheless, a 2019 evaluation discovered solely eight research of collagen peptides price contemplating—not almost sufficient to reply the second a part of this query. Topical collagen therapies proceed to point out promise as effectively, however they’re nonetheless experimental at this level.

Can collagen pace restoration time for damaged bones, most cancers metastases, or different main accidents?

One other good speculation that must be examined. Right here’s what we all know: Bone is predominantly sort I collagen. Collagen supplementation seems to enhance bone mineral density and shield in opposition to age-related bone loss. Vitamin C, an necessary cofactor for collagen manufacturing, helps bones heal after harm. I’d attempt it, personally.

Can pregnant ladies take collagen? Ought to they?

I see no purpose why not, nor do any of the main (American) medical associations appear to have any problem with it. Some sources suggest avoiding marine collagen throughout being pregnant because of potential sensitivities, however this can be an abundance of warning. Speak to your physician when you’re involved.

Can ladies who’re breastfeeding use collagen dietary supplements?

Identical as above. Pregnant and breastfeeding ladies want these amino acids. Furthermore, collagenous bone broth, soups, and stews made out of meat on the bone are conventional postpartum meals across the globe. Ancestral knowledge at its best! At all times choose respected manufacturers that check their collagen for contaminants. (Sure, Primal Kitchen does.)

Must you take extra collagen as you grow old? Are totally different types of collagen higher for folks of sure ages?

Older people require more protein to stimulate muscle protein synthesis. Particularly, they want extra of the amino acid leucine. Though collagen incorporates some, meat is a greater supply. That mentioned, older people ought to think about including collagen for bone well being. Any collagen peptides will do.

Advantages for endurance athletes to assist extremely operating and different endurance occasions? Are there different advantages for endurance past joint well being?

This can be a slam dunk, in my view. Take a look at the “Collagen for Efficiency” part in this post. Moreover joint and connective tissue well being, collagen supplementation might positively affect physique composition and, in response to one research, enhance muscular power and endurance.
Glycine additionally helps sleep, which is essential for restoration.

I imagine collagen powder is fairly excessive in oxalates. For these of us who’ve to attenuate our oxalate consumption, is there an honest various?

The amino acid hydroxyproline is a precursor to oxalate manufacturing within the liver. All collagen dietary supplements (and bone broth) comprise hydroxyproline. Speak to your physician earlier than supplementing when you’re susceptible to calcium oxalate kidney stones. You is perhaps okay taking smaller servings. Standalone glycine dietary supplements are another choice (see beneath).

Are you able to be allergic to collagen? My 16-year-old daughter will get an itchy throat when she makes use of collagen powder.

That definitely appears like an allergic response. There have been a pair documented circumstances of collagen allergy symptoms, although they appear fairly uncommon. People with fish and shellfish allergy symptoms ought to avoid marine collagen. Does the powder in query comprise different components? In any case, she ought to cease taking it.

Do I would like to fret about heavy metals like lead in collagen dietary supplements?

With any dietary supplements, you need to be sure you purchase from a reliable supply that follows greatest security practices. At Primal Kitchen, our high quality requirements embody testing every lot of collagen produced for compliance with regulatory requirements for heavy metals.

Does including collagen to your espresso (however nothing else) formally break your quick? Does it matter?

I’ve a whole post about what dietary supplements do and don’t break a quick. To cite myself: I’m going to say “technically sure,” however “realistically no, collagen doesn’t break the quick.” There’s a small chance that glycine would possibly inhibit autophagy, however I’m not overly involved about it.

If I’m monitoring macros, ought to I monitor collagen peptides towards my whole protein?

No. Collagen is taken into account an incomplete protein as a result of it lacks tryptophan, one of many important amino acids. It’s additionally a comparatively poor supply of leucine in comparison with meat or whey protein. Your meals monitoring app will rely collagen towards your every day protein whole, so that you’ll have to mentally subtract it.

I’ve heard that collagen can decrease serotonin ranges and trigger elevated nervousness in some folks. Any reality to that?

Collagen peptides lack tryptophan, a precursor of serotonin. Should you don’t devour sufficient full protein sources, it’s true you may find yourself poor in tryptophan. Collagen doesn’t deplete tryptophan, although, so supplementing collagen shouldn’t trigger low serotonin. Simply don’t change different protein sources with collagen.

Glycine powder is rather more cost-effective than collagen, and is definitely fairly tasty (naturally candy). Do you assume supplementing 10-15g of glycine can approximate many of the advantages of collagen supplementation?

I’ve a post on this, too. The brief reply is: I’m all for supplementing glycine if you need, nevertheless it gained’t internet you all the advantages of collagen. Think about that collagen is the one significant dietary supply of hydroxyproline, which is essential for collagen synthesis within the physique.


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