The solar rises with such power in the summertime, typically giving off sweltering warmth—the sort the place beads of sweat drip down your neck, making you uncomfortable and scorching. Throughout such scorching summer season days, the shade is your ally. Very similar to the timber and their leaves that drape over you assist block the solar, herbs are additionally plant mates that may quell summer season warmth. This mint spritz, a do-it-yourself stovetop hydrosol, utilizing mint, is simply what you could get you thru summer season!  

Staying Cool In The Summer time With a Mint Spritz

I’m reminded of journeys to the desert. Strolling over a scorching sidewalk, a cool mist quenches passers-by, offering aid and cooling. This mint spritz helps you carry that very same sensation anyplace! 

This cooling, refreshing, natural recipe is easy, simply three components you most likely have already got all three in your kitchen proper now. I’m going to point out you easy methods to make a hydrosol, a.ok.a. natural water, with out a fancy distiller. 

What Is a Hydrosol?

A hydrosol is basically a floral or natural water, a technique used to extract the risky oils of the plant you might be utilizing. Steam is created and condensation is collected. This methodology is ideal for the actually fragrant kind of herbs and flowers. When making a hydrosol, you’re getting the very best water-soluble components one bead drop at a time. 

One factor to level out right here is {that a} hydrosol is totally different from the important oils you might be extra accustomed to. Important oils are extremely concentrated merchandise of simply the fragrant constituents. Hydrosols are water-based blends of water and a number of the fragrant elements of the plant, a lot lighter than a necessary oil, and may be utilized on to the pores and skin with out dilution. 

mint in a basket with a book about mint next to it

Why Mint (Mentha)

An ideal herb for this summer season hydrosol is mint. This aromatic herb has been used for hundreds of years in a wide range of methods. The luscious inexperienced leaves have a robust scent and are wealthy in menthol. Menthol is one constituent that helps to offer a cooling high quality. When utilized topically, menthol is sort of a cool rush over your pores and skin. Mint helps to cut back physique temperature, calm scorching, irritated pores and skin, and provides you a way of freshness in an in any other case humid, scorching atmosphere (Bharate, 2012).

One other essential mint truth comes from my natural research with Natural Academy. Throughout my course, Mastering Herbal Formulations, I’m studying in regards to the energetic properties of various crops. Mint particularly is categorized as a cooling herb (Natural Academy, n.d.). This implies when ingested or used topically, it would have a cooling impact on the physique. Give me all of the cooling herbs this summer season, am I proper? As I’m beginning to develop into extra assured in creating my very own natural recipes, wanting on the plant’s profile and energetic uncomfortable side effects on the physique is a key issue. 

pouring mint hydrosol into a measuring glass

Create A Mint Spritz Hydrosol At House

To create your very personal hydrosol you’re going to want just a few issues out of your kitchen. The primary is a big stockpot. Why a stockpot? Such a pot is good to make use of for its tall peak. We are going to stack just a few gadgets contained in the pot itself, so it can be crucial that there’s sufficient room to construct upwards, and area for constituents to volatilize and recondense. Subsequent, you’re going to want a ramekin or a very small bowl. As well as, you will have one other bowl bigger in dimension than the ramekin. These bowls and something you employ contained in the stockpot condensation ought to be non-reactive and heat-safe. Lastly, have a bag of ice helpful, as that is important to the condensation. 

ramekin sitting upside down in a large pot

To arrange this recipe you’ll first place the ramekin or small bowl,  the other way up, contained in the pot. Subsequent, add in recent mint, sprinkle it across the ramekin, however not protecting it completely. 

pouring water into a pot

mint leaves floating in a pot of water

Pour in distilled water. The water stage ought to be just under the highest of the ramekin. Subsequent, place your bigger bowl on prime of the ramekin. It ought to keep balanced and upright. 

placing lid upside down on a pot

Place your stockpot lid the other way up on the pot, so it’s concave, curve pointing downward in direction of the pot. Even when it is just very barely curved, this can work, however all surfaces of it ought to be scrupulously clear because the hydrosol you gather will vaporize onto the downward portion of the lid, after which drip from this floor into the portion you gather.

bag of ice melting on a pot lid

Fill a sandwich bag with ice and place it on prime of the lid. I’ve discovered that retaining the ice in a sandwich bag, moderately than immediately on the lid, helps for a simple swap-out when the ice begins to soften. Plus, there’s much less water throughout your lid when it’s time to carry it. 

Now it’s time to simmer. You want your pot to simmer for about an hour. You’ll discover that because the pot simmers, condensation begins to type on the underside of the lid from the totally different temperatures of the ice and steam/warmth interacting. These condensation beads then drip down into your bowl catching the gorgeous mint aroma in a water medium. That is such a cool science venture! It’s superb how we’re in a position to extract the plant’s risky oils by means of distillation—and at house!

Because the bag of ice begins to soften, merely swap it out usually over the course of an hour. I went by means of about 5 sandwich baggage of ice in the course of the course of. 

After the hour is up, flip off the warmth and punctiliously carry your lid to disclose an exquisite bowl stuffed with clear liquid. That clear liquid can then be transferred right into a measuring cup. After an hour of simmering and condensation assortment, you possibly can count on about one cup of mint hydrosol. 

I transferred my hydrosol into travel-size spray bottles. I put one in my bag after we are on the go. After we’re out on a hike, on the seaside, and even simply sitting below our tree within the entrance yard on a summer season day, I can simply attain in my bag and seize one thing that’s certain to chill us off! For a good cooler expertise, I retailer my mint spritz bottles within the fridge to provide it an additional refreshing impact. 

This mint hydrosol will final a few months within the fridge—however don’t be stunned in case you use all of it up earlier than then! That is the proper timeframe to get you thru these summer season heatwaves. Plus, this mint spritz makes a fantastic reward if you end up with bottles to spare. 

Now that you would be able to visualize making this mint spritz, here’s a abstract of steps for simple reference. 

hand holding a bottle of mint spritz

Mint Spritz Stovetop Hydrosol Recipe

This mint spritz, a do-it-yourself stovetop hydrosol, utilizing mint, is simply what you could get you thru summer season! Plus, it makes a fantastic reward if you end up with bottles to spare.  


Giant handful of recent mint – choose loads!
2 cups of filtered/distilled water
Bag of ice to replenish 5 sandwich dimension baggage


  • Place a ramekin the other way up inside a stockpot
  • Sprinkle recent mint within the pot, don’t cowl ramekin.
  • Place small bowl on prime of ramekin.
  • Pour about 2 cups of water into the pot, don’t submerge ramekin.
  • Place stockpot lid the other way up on the pot.
  • Place a sandwich bag stuffed with ice on the lid.
  • Simmer pot for about an hour.
  • Change out sandwich bag of ice because it melts.
  • After one hour, flip off warmth, fastidiously take away the lid.
  • Use clear oven mitts or silicon grip to take away the bowl of hydrosol liquid.
  • Bottle hydrosol and retailer within the fridge.

To Use:

This mint spritz may be sprayed liberally over your whole physique. Give your self a refreshing spritz in your face to chill down. Or, mist on the arms and chest—or one in every of my private favorites—the again of the neck. Really feel the mint cool your pores and skin because the refreshingly chilled hydrosol frivolously covers your physique. Maintain a mint spritz bottle in your bag once you’re on the go; you’ll be glad to have it available this summer season!  

In Closing, 

I’ve a deep appreciation for the wonder and flexibility of utilizing crops and herbs for self-care. It’s really superb how a typical kitchen ingredient reminiscent of mint may be reworked proper in your range into a strong cooling agent for the summer season. As a pupil of herbalism, I’m continuously in awe of the varied methods you possibly can flip to crops for assist. This mint spritz recipe is an instance of how an on a regular basis merchandise can be utilized in methods past what you might be used to. I hope you attempt it out! 

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Stay Cool With A Mint Spritz: A Stovetop Hydrosol Recipe | Herbal Academy | This mint spritz is just what you need to keep cool this summer! Plus, this stovetop hydrosol version is super simple to make at home.


Bharate, S.S., & Bharate, S.B. (2012). Modulation of thermoreceptor TRPM8 by cooling compounds. ACS Chemical Neuroscience, 3(4), 248–267.

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