Hey people! This week Erin is shedding mild on the reality behind widespread diet myths – every little thing from the “Eight glasses of water per day” rule to the advantages of longer fasts and the most effective types of train. Received extra questions? We love getting them, so publish yours under within the feedback part or over within the Mark’s Daily Apple Facebook group.


Jaime requested:

“I at all times hear that I ought to be ingesting eight glasses of water a day, but it surely takes a variety of unnatural effort to get near that. Is it simply me? What’s your tackle the water rule?”

The physique has a miraculous system for stopping dehydration. It’s known as thirst. So, that 8-glasses-of-water rule you’ve been making an attempt to comply with? It’s advantageous in case you like doing it, however in all probability not important. Consuming Eight glasses of water – or half your body weight in ounces of water – is among the commonest diet myths on the market.

It’s primarily based on outdated pointers from the U.S. Meals and Diet Board that stated individuals ought to devour roughly 2.5 liters of water a day (and right here’s the half most individuals missed), the majority of it coming from food.

That being stated, it is perhaps simpler to eat your strategy to higher hydration quite than guzzle it out of your water bottle. Listed below are a couple of of my favourite hydrating meals in case you select to go that route:

  • Cucumber
  • Celery
  • Tomatoes
  • Lettuce
  • Zucchini
  • Watermelon
  • Berries

With everybody toting round their high-tech water bottles, chugging gallons of water on the health club, and gushing over their favourite filtration techniques, it appears the hydration mandate has been burned into our unconscious. Standard knowledge has us believing that if we’re not ingesting continuous, we’ll be topic to constipation, kidney stones, UTIs, and unneeded starvation (spoiler alert: in case you really feel hungry, you simply may truly be hungry, not thirsty, such as you might need heard).

As a substitute of force-drinking your every day H2O, strive tapping into these items first.

  1. Discover when your lips get dry. Or when your throat will get a bit scratchy. That’s your physique providing you with not-so-subtle indicators that you just’re thirsty.
  2. Reply accordingly. Drink some water or have a bit of fruit. Heck, you could possibly also have a cup of espresso or tea since caffeine causing dehydration is another nutrition myth.
  3. Take note of your situations. Did you simply come again from a future? Do you reside in a sizzling or humid location or at a better altitude? There’s an excellent likelihood that you must hydrate.
  4. Use sea salt or electrolytes. Particularly in case you comply with a keto or low-carb weight-reduction plan. This article has tons of nice information on why it’s essential. Lengthy story brief: a hydration plan will not be simply about ingesting water.


Martine requested:

“I’ve been doing keto for some time and nonetheless can’t appear to go greater than 12 hours earlier than I get hungry. Is perhaps all of the strolling I do, but it surely positive could be good to quick longer. Any recommendation?”

I really like an excellent satiating consuming plan – it truly is the final word metabolic secret weapon. Kudos to you for attaining 12 hours of satiety! Whole game-changer.

When you follow a keto diet, you use ketones (hence the name) for energy as an alternative of glucose. And on the whole, this stabilizes your blood sugar, retains your cravings at bay, and lets you quick for longer durations of time.

Right here’s the factor although. Everybody has totally different wants, so, you could possibly see somebody killing a 16-, 24- and even 72-hour quick whilst you’re barely making it 12. That doesn’t imply you’re doing it improper. Chances are you’ll, in actual fact, be doing it precisely proper — for you.

There are tons of how to apply IF. One of the crucial widespread being a 12-hour quick. And research present that longer fasts aren’t essentially higher.

Additionally, the concept you shouldn’t ever be hungry whenever you eat keto is nonsense. Your physique is designed to provide you indicators (sure, starvation is a sign). As a substitute of combating starvation or worrying/questioning why you possibly can’t go longer, strive tuning in and trusting what it’s telling you.

Have some appreciation for the truth that you’ve transitioned away from a Commonplace American Weight loss program and embraced a manner of consuming that’s higher in your general well being. Be pleased about a physique that may maintain you satiated for a whopping 12 hours, with out scrounging across the kitchen searching for one thing snacky.

Honor your starvation ranges and know that you just’re doing what’s proper in your physique, proper now. As you proceed, you may discover which you could and wish to go longer, but it surely’s not a tough and quick rule for consuming keto.

Eat whenever you’re hungry. Don’t stress about it. And bear in mind, you’re doing nice.


Kristin requested:

“There are such a lot of opinions on the market concerning how one ought to train. Up to now, I’ve began and stopped so many alternative exercises and methods of coaching as a result of I get overwhelmed about which is the most effective. Hoping you possibly can add some readability!”

Ask ten totally different individuals what the most effective type of train is, and also you’ll doubtless get ten totally different solutions. Why? As a result of your targets aren’t essentially their targets. Additionally, your physique might be going to reply in a different way than their physique, contemplating you’ve bought totally different metabolic wants, totally different caloric intakes, and totally different life.

If it was that simple to place out a one-size-fits-all train routine (that works) we’d all be effortlessly chiseled. That’s why a variety of people like working with a health coach or private coach — somebody who can create a custom-made plan. However you don’t must work with a well being skilled to determine what exercise is true. You do, however, need to get clear on a few things:

  1. What are your targets? Are they to lose fats/construct muscle, get wholesome, scale back stress, carry extra grocery luggage from the automotive?
  2. How a lot time are you keen to dedicate per week? Twenty minutes per day? An hour? Solely on weekends?
  3. What sort of train do you get pleasure from? Operating, biking, climbing along with your youngsters, jazzercise, power coaching, dancing, planks, gardening, strolling the canine?
  4. When are you planning to work out? The clearer you might be concerning the what and the when, the extra apt you might be to do it. Are mornings good? How about after work? Or every time you get up from your desk?
  5. What’s your why? Your motivation will at all times waver, however remembering why this objective is essential to you (and the consequence of not attaining your objective) will maintain you displaying up each time.

As you possibly can in all probability guess, the one workout routines that work are those you do. So, if somebody tells you that CrossFit is the most effective exercise, or HITT coaching, or low-intensity workout routines — and also you hate doing them – then they’re not the most effective for you.

What diet myths did I miss? Share ‘em within the feedback.


Concerning the Writer

Erin Energy is the Teaching and Curriculum Director for Primal Health Coach Institute. She additionally helps her shoppers regain a loving and trusting relationship with their our bodies—whereas restoring their metabolic well being, to allow them to lose fats and achieve vitality—through her personal non-public well being teaching apply, eat.simple.

When you’ve got a ardour for well being and wellness and a want to assist individuals like Erin does day-after-day for her shoppers, take into account turning into a licensed well being coach your self. Be taught the three easy steps to constructing a profitable well being teaching enterprise in 6 months or much less on this special info session hosted by PHCI co-founder Mark Sisson.

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