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Katie: Hi there, and welcome to the “Wellness Mama” podcast. I’m Katie from and That’s Wellnesse with an E on the tip. It’s my new private care line. This episode goes deep on some actually cool science. It’s about neurosurgery, particularly in spinal well being, however we delve into additionally mind well being, anti-aging, and a lot extra. I’m right here with Dr. Marcella Madera, whose bio is so spectacular, I really must learn elements of this. She’s an professional in surgical therapy of situations of the backbone, together with degenerative backbone illness, backbone tumors, and degenerative deformity. She is world-renowned for this, and he or she has experience in all spinal approaches and minimally invasive surgical procedure. She is board licensed by the American Board of Neurological Surgical procedure. However what’s actually cool is she’s combining the chopping fringe of surgical therapy with the leading edge of other and even vitality therapies. And he or she’s getting actually unimaginable outcomes for her sufferers. And he or she talks about how this actually has crossed over into different areas of life as properly, apart from simply spinal well being. It at all times is thrilling for me to seek out docs who’re combining different therapies as properly. She shares my concept that that is very a lot a each/and never both/or, and that there’s a time and a spot for each and that usually the very best outcomes happen after we mix them. So, we get into some fascinating and fairly particular data on this one, and I hope you’ll get pleasure from it as a lot as I did. Dr. Marcella, welcome.

Dr. Marcella: Hello, thanks a lot for having me.

Katie: I’m excited to get to know you a bit of higher on this podcast. You come extremely really useful by a number of individuals in my life who I extremely, extremely respect. And I’m so excited to get to share you with everybody at this time. Your bio is tremendous spectacular. And I really feel like, even beginning with only one factor is difficult to choose. However I might love to start out off by listening to about the way you grew to become a neurosurgeon as a result of that’s an unimaginable specialty, to start with, and never a straightforward one, I might guess.

Dr. Marcella: Proper. Properly, thanks for asking that query. It’s pricey to me how I grew to become a neurosurgeon. So, I knew I used to be a surgeon instantly in medical faculty, and I wasn’t positive what kind I might be, however I liked being within the OR, and I liked the calm and in addition the depth. And I occurred to do a neurosurgery rotation since you might select between neurology and neurosurgery. I used to be pondering I used to be gonna do cosmetic surgery. And on my rotation, I used to be simply completely blown away by the fantastic thing about the nervous system. I had a really guttural, instinctual response to the operations and the therapeutic that we had been creating with our sufferers. And I simply knew deep in my soul, that is what I used to be speculated to do. So, I jumped in.

Katie: And that was originally of your profession, proper, like, strictly neurosurgery?

Dr. Marcella: Yeah. So I began out standard drugs neurosurgical residency for six years in Cincinnati, after which I did a backbone fellowship for one yr at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. After which, I went into non-public apply in Austin, Texas in 2011.

Katie: Okay. And that’s the place you continue to are. And I’ll be sure that I put a hyperlink. I do know you guys are booked up manner upfront, however I’ll put a hyperlink to your apply in Austin, for anyone who’s native there. And from what I’ve heard from my mates, you now have a thriving integrative apply, and also you’re addressing much more than simply the neurosurgical facet. So, how did that journey occur?

Dr. Marcella: Yeah, so over time in my standard apply, I had the expertise time and again that I actually needed to supply further care to my sufferers. I actually needed to heal greater than reduce. And I wanted a manner to have the ability to totally specific the therapeutic that I needed to present. And so, I began out by doing my very own training on different therapies, on holistic drugs, practical drugs, integrative drugs. And over time, I additionally labored myself, personally, with the Vitality For Success, which is an historical Chinese language vitality modality dropped at the USA from Dr. Barry Morguelan. And doing my very own vitality work by means of these packages, plus educating myself on all the opposite issues on the market, made me actually wish to create a very totally different mannequin of mind and backbone care. And so then I began my integrative apply known as Austin Integrative Backbone as a facet venture for a couple of years, after which now it’s my principal venture. And what’s been actually, actually rewarding is that now after I care for sufferers, some sufferers nonetheless want surgical procedure, however there’s a big inhabitants that once they optimize, and we deal with individuals holistically, they don’t want surgical procedure in any respect. And I at all times knew that instinctually and I needed to create it and develop it to show it in actual life. However it’s been actually rewarding to do smaller surgical procedures, typically do no surgical procedure in any respect, after which additionally use cutting-edge expertise and biologic cell drugs, which is one other piece of our apply. It’s been actually, actually great.

Katie: I’m curious should you’re seeing… Properly, initially, I really like that you just’re not turning to surgical procedure as the primary possibility as a result of it looks as if in quite a lot of drugs, that could be very a lot a primary method, and it looks as if a fairly drastic one. However I’m curious, are we seeing an increase in spinal-related issues in a few of the issues that you just work with like we’re in different areas of drugs in the identical manner? And if that’s the case, what do you suppose is driving that?

Dr. Marcella: That’s an important query. , when it comes to an increase, I might say, persistently, my standard apply… I’ve been out of it now for nearly two years. However on the time, I might say that I wouldn’t essentially understand an increase. What I understand is a continuing chronicity of illness. So, there’s a baseline quantity of degenerative backbone illness, particularly, and in addition degenerative neurologic illness, however degenerative backbone illness is nearly ubiquitous within the inhabitants. Everyone’s acquired a again ache or a neck ache or no matter. And positively, with COVID, what we noticed was, , frankly, they shut the ORs down. So we had a drastic lower within the quantity of sufferers that had been in a position to be handled. We are able to solely deal with emergent sufferers. And so now, with issues opening up, we’re seeing a rise in individuals with the ability to be handled. I might say that the persistent illness, although, typically, is steadily rising when it comes to incidence simply due to the getting older inhabitants. And as you age, all people will get persistent illness. That stated, I really feel like there are quite a lot of different contributors. It’s not simply put on and tear. And that’s a part of my apply now could be actually attending to the foundation reason behind that and stopping that. And so, do I believe there’s an increase? Sure, with an getting older inhabitants, but it surely’s so ubiquitous. It’s at all times been ubiquitous.

Katie: Gotcha. Okay. I’m curious what you’re seeing sufferers come to you for essentially the most proper now and/or, like, type of, inside the space of neurosurgery? Like, what was your specialty and, like, type of, what had been you seeing in that space once you had been practising as a surgeon?

Dr. Marcella: Yeah. So, the principle issues that I handled then and nonetheless the identical issues I deal with now, simply I’ve an entire new further bag of tips along with surgical procedure, however persistent or acute, so very long time or pressing brief time, again ache, neck ache, arm ache, leg ache, from arthritic illness within the neck or within the low again. That’s most likely the highest, , 80% of stuff that we see. And within the surgical world, , there’s quite a lot of issues you are able to do earlier than attending to surgical procedure. And so, in my standard apply, quite a lot of occasions, individuals would have seen ache administration and, , accomplished all of the issues, seen bodily therapists, chiropractors, and none of that labored. And so then they’d come, and we might do surgical procedure. And now, it’s the identical inhabitants, however now we’ve new instruments. And so, a few of the issues we take a look at are underlying irritation. We’ve a laboratory panel to take a look at irritation. Loads of sufferers come with out information that your eating regimen can actually radically have an effect on your ache syndrome. And so, straightforward stuff like occurring a low irritation eating regimen and doing a selected train that has mind-body included with it, breathwork, some quite simple dietary supplements, like vitamin D and Omega Three fatty acids, , these key issues originally, can usually result in no surgical procedure or result in an optimization interval after which a greater restoration after surgical procedure.

Katie: That’s fascinating. Yeah. And it makes full sense that even within the case when surgical procedure is important, it’s not an both/or it’s a each/and. And I do know I’ve seen that in interviews, like within the most cancers world, as an illustration, these leading edge most cancers docs who’re additionally utilizing integrative modalities, or encouraging sufferers to quick, or utilizing issues, or vitality work, issues which have been researched in different areas, and realizing they don’t must be at odds. And I get so enthusiastic about that as a result of I believe long-term, the very best outcomes in drugs, are gonna be after we can meld all of these instruments collectively. So it makes me actually excited after I meet individuals such as you who’re on the chopping fringe of the medical world and in addition realizing the worth in issues like vitamin, and life-style elements, and the vitality work as properly. I’m particularly curious concerning the, like, type of, vitality and mindset and emotional part on the subject of particularly the realm of ache as a result of it looks as if for lots of people, at the least anecdotally that I’ve heard from, they are going to see, such as you stated, a shift of their ache response once they deal with interior stuff as properly and…

Dr. Marcellla: Hundred %.

Katie: ….my story is just not particular to ache. However I had quite a lot of well being issues for lots of years, together with thyroid illness and bother shedding weight. And it wasn’t till I addressed the emotional part that I used to be in a position to resolve any of these issues. So, I’m so excited to listen to you say that you just’re integrating all these items. And I’m curious should you see that connection actually strongly within the ache world as properly.

Dr. Marcella: Undoubtedly. One of many actually fascinating issues that we’ve come throughout not too long ago is this concept of what’s known as biologic decoding. There’s a physique of labor that has the title New Drugs or Germanic Drugs. It’s a bit esoteric, however I’ve discovered about it not too long ago. And the concept is that every one medical illness or all illness processes probably are associated to detrimental experiences that we’ve skilled as people. And each single human has had a annoying expertise in our lives. That’s what being human is about. And so, utilizing this very particular decoding coaching that I’ve labored on, including that to a thoughts bodywork with the Vitality For Success, which is respiratory practices, writing targets, journaling, there’s some very particular practices that we’ve our sufferers do. We’ve them do these practices main as much as procedures, after which throughout considered one of our biologic cell drugs procedures, we really speak by means of a few of these life stresses, and we return to the primary level of signs, after which typically we return additional, and typically we go manner, manner again. And what’s fascinating is doing all of this together, permits the physique to launch ache and launch illness. And should you advised me 10 years in the past that I might be speaking to individuals about their earlier experiences and serving to them heal, I by no means would have believed it. However I’ve skilled it myself. I’ve skilled it with my group. , it’s highly effective how one can relate what’s occurred to you in your previous and your present illness state. And in order that’s what we’re actually, actually captivated with proper now and additional growing this. And, once more, it’s a each/and. I imply, there’s a place 100% for standard drugs. And when ache is extreme… , yesterday I advised a affected person, “Let’s get you a muscle relaxer as a result of you possibly can’t, like, perform proper now. Let’s get you calmed down in order that then you possibly can, , come and do your holistic expertise with us.” So, , it’s each/and, as you stated, and the contribution of the mind-body piece and connecting to your personal true self to permit that personal true self to launch the illness is one thing I’m actually, actually captivated with proper now.

Katie: Yeah. And I imply, I’ve a lot empathy for people who find themselves going by means of that, particularly again ache. I’ve skilled that myself twice, as soon as from an harm whereas understanding after which extra not too long ago, from by accident giving myself rhabdo, which was kidney ache, however nonetheless, like, again ache, is particularly encompassing and intense. And such as you stated, it’s very exhausting to perform. So, completely, my coronary heart goes out to people who find themselves there. And it is smart once you discuss it in that realm, too, simply how a lot that emotional part would come into play. And from a bodily perspective, my mind thinks like, “It will make sense should you’re within the state of stress and emotional stress should you’re not in a position to downshift into parasympathetic, you’re not gonna be capable to launch that ache response as a result of your physique is in that activated combat or flight sympathetic system.” Is that, type of, what you suppose is said, or are there extra past that?

Dr. Marcella: I believe that’s undoubtedly associated. And that combat or flight response is our physique’s pure, , cavewoman intuition. That’s what we had been constructed to do. So it completely is smart. And what your physique’s making an attempt to do in that second is survive in that second. So, in fact, that’s what our our bodies do. However for the long-term, that top cortisol state, that top, , heartbeat state is just not going to present you long-term well being. It’s going to extend irritation. And should you keep that state, it’s going to proceed to perpetuate the illness course of. So, getting the physique calm and getting that parasympathetic state activated is definitely essential. And the vitality work that we suggest to our sufferers, a part of which are very intensive 20 minutes, twice a day respiratory workouts. They’re straightforward, however, , it’s important to do it. It’s important to hear and breathe. And that does activate the sympathetic or the parasympathetic nervous system to get your physique in that area to the place you possibly can really get into therapeutic for positive.

Katie: And I’m curious the way you’re seeing this play out in affected person outcomes as properly, each from, like, the surgical facet you had been doing originally, and now integrating each, what sort of distinction in outcomes are you seeing?

Dr. Marcella: Nice query. So, the distinction is, in standard drugs, and each surgeon is aware of that you could have an ideal surgical procedure. I imply, excellent. You do every thing proper. It’s lovely. It’s the correct quantity of time, no drawback. And typically, they simply don’t get higher. And that factor occurred with me and my sufferers sufficient occasions that I used to be like, “There’s something else. There’s something else.” And it turns on the market’s quite a lot of one thing elses. It could be eating regimen. It could be a significant trauma of their previous. It could be their private relationships, at the moment. It could be their quantity of stress at their job. There’s so many issues that may contribute to this incapability to heal. And so, now, what we’re discovering is that, particularly, like, for extreme illness that has a pathway of some enchancment, however not at all times all the way in which, what I’m captivated with is spinal twine harm. And quite a lot of spinal twine sufferers, , have a horrible drawback. They get a surgical procedure to stabilize, after which they regularly get higher over time. Some get higher, some get higher a bit of bit, some get higher rather a lot. Why is that? No person actually is aware of. Do they type of taper out at two years however, like, by no means excellent? That’s a horrible illness. And what we’re seeing now with the holistic therapy, with the superior biologic cell drugs therapy, plus the decoding, plus the vitality, I had a man at this time textual content me, “Hey, Dr. M, each morning after I do my stretches, I rise up, and I twirl a method or one other. And at this time, I can twirl higher than I ever have.” And he’s, like, three weeks out from this process, considered one of these superior issues that we’re doing. And I imply, I gotta inform you, like, getting a spinal twine harm man to twirl, like, it’s simply unbelievable. In order that’s the type of factor that now I by no means thought that I might see. And I really consider it’s a mixture of the issues that we’re doing. And it’s been a stepwise development. , a yr in the past, we weren’t doing the decoding like we’re doing now. A yr in the past, we had been doing a sort of biologic cell therapy for spinal twine harm, and now we’re doing a extra superior one with a photobiomodulation part, a light-weight remedy part. So, we’ve progressed in what we’re including, and we’re seeing progressive outcomes, and it’s actually enjoyable and great for the sufferers.

Katie: Are you able to clarify a bit of extra in-depth what the biologic cell drugs therapies are? Like, how does that work, and what’s occurring?

Dr. Marcella: Yeah. So, , each human has an innate potential to heal. once you reduce your finger, your physique is aware of the right way to heal it. So, what we’re doing with the biologic cell drugs is harnessing your personal physique’s innate potential to heal. And typically, we’ll use platelet-rich plasma, which comes from your personal physique. Generally we’ll use your personal bone marrow. Generally we’ll use a biologic. Generally we use a mixture. Once more, I stated, we’ve a photobiomodulation gentle remedy that we’ve added to this now. And so what we’re doing, in case you have an harm and your physique tries to heal, harm physique tries to heal, in some unspecified time in the future, when you’ve illness, your physique’s not maintaining. So what we do is add the biologic cell drugs, both by means of an IV process, a quite simple process, or by means of injections or each, to permit the physique that kickstart to get them again up. And what most of these items is on this bucket of issues that we do are very robust, anti-inflammatory signaling molecule procedures. So, the stuff that we’re utilizing primary science exhibits that they’re growing cell signaling in your personal cells to get up and heal. Each single pericyte, I’m sorry, each single blood vessel in your physique has what’s known as pericytes, that are little stem cells in your physique whose job it’s to sign the therapeutic course of. And so what we’re doing is making an attempt to jumpstart that. That’s the principle.

Katie: That’s fascinating. And also you talked about type of, like, a two-year window. I’m curious if that’s, type of, a threshold that’s fairly properly established or if there’s hope for individuals who have had longer-term accidents with issues like this.

Dr. Marcella: Nice. Thanks for asking that query. Completely, that’s not a threshold. And I didn’t know that earlier than I began doing these spinal twine therapies. We’ve sufferers… I’ve a girl only in the near past who stated, “Oh, my gosh, Dr. M, I can really feel the carpet underneath my ft, and I haven’t felt that in 10 years.” I imply, folks that have persistent spinal twine harm from, , very very long time can nonetheless get enchancment. , that is very early these therapies that we’re doing and what we’re studying, however undoubtedly, anyone who has proven some enchancment since their harm is a candidate, and I might say most individuals have proven some enchancment in one thing from the time of their harm. And I might say, even when they haven’t proven any enchancment from the time of their harm, it’s at all times value a attempt as a result of, once more, it’s not simply concerning the cells. It’s concerning the mind-body. It’s concerning the underlying irritation. And so, we’re not simply doing one factor. We’re doing a wide range of issues that may deliver well being holistically.

Katie: That’s so encouraging. On a private degree, my mother broke her neck when she was in highschool.

Dr. Marcella: Oh, wow. Oh, my Godness.

Katie: And fortunately,…like, isn’t paralyzed from it however nonetheless has had residual ache and, like, lack of movement. And so she’s had points her complete life. After which a neighborhood pal, about 10 years in the past, dove off of a ship and broke his again and now could be, like, paralyzed from the waist down. So it’s actually encouraging that we’re nonetheless seeing…as a result of it looks as if my restricted understanding that for some time it was thought, like, these are comparatively unimaginable issues to get well from, particularly after that preliminary window and, like, should you missed the window, there’s not gonna be a lot hope for you going ahead. So for, like, these private instances in my life, it’s thrilling to listen to there’s new modalities which are exhibiting outcomes.

Dr. Marcella: Yeah, I imply, it’s early and, , we’re actually excited concerning the instances that we’re seeing this in for positive. So, there’s undoubtedly… , the way forward for drugs, this shall be normal. That’s actually what I believe. And proper now, we’re simply in a strategy of determining what that normal goes to be.

Katie: And also you additionally talked about that you just suppose quite a lot of the rise in spinal illnesses can be associated to an getting older inhabitants, which makes full sense. And, , it’s no secret that we’re seeing an increase in persistent and degenerative illnesses throughout quite a lot of totally different areas, which I believe is also essential to deliver to the forefront the dialog on getting older, not simply what we consider as getting older, like, on a pores and skin degree on how we glance however extra importantly, on a organic degree. And so I’m curious what you’re discovering in your analysis in your medical apply on issues which are really, like, biologically serving to the physique to not age as rapidly.

Dr. Marcella: Nice query. So yeah, one of many issues that we’re actually taken with is testing your age, based mostly on DNA methylation. There’s a really vast physique of analysis that you could… There’s particular checks. There’s a few totally different firms that do that, the place they’ll take a look at your DNA and the way a lot methylation there may be and offer you your age based mostly in your DNA. And there are some teams which are exhibiting that with anti-aging, biologic cell therapies, that you could get a discount in that quantity. That is very, very early. We’ve checked out a few sufferers, and we simply have our baseline numbers. We don’t have our follow-up numbers but. So we’re this. , there are some actually nice advances with each vitality work together with practical drugs and all the issues that you just do to optimize your physique, the biohacking, , neighborhood. There are many methods to consider reversing getting older. I might say the science is just not fairly there when it comes to, like, proving it. However I can inform you that individuals that do all these items undoubtedly look youthful and undoubtedly act youthful. And I do suppose that, , 50 years from now, we’re gonna have the solutions to these questions for positive.

Katie: It’s thrilling to consider. And I’m glad that we’re seeing a few of these issues as a result of I additionally suppose in at this time’s world, I’ve talked about this in different realms, however we’ve so many extra inputs that our our bodies are coping with. In order that’s I believe a part of the explanation we’re seeing this speedy acceleration in all these persistent illnesses is we’re simply dealing with much more environmental, and meals, and emotional inputs than earlier generations have. And so, , I usually get the pushback from individuals of, like, properly, we shouldn’t must do all these loopy issues and biohacking to be wholesome. And, like, I agree with you, I want we didn’t must, however we’ve so many extra inputs coming into play. Now that it’s at the least one thing to be proactive about, even should you’re not gonna do all the intense biohacking issues, however simply to be very proactive within the method to that.

Dr. Marcella: For positive. And, , a few of the issues are actually easy, proper? Like, sure, it’s cool to have, , gentle glasses that provide the optimum quantity of sunshine. And it’s actually cool to have, , hyperbaric oxygen at your house should you can afford that. I imply, that’s nice. However, like, there’s an entire lot of easy issues that individuals aren’t doing due to all these inputs, proper? There’s so many inputs. Our society is so fast-paced. We’ve our telephones on a regular basis. We’re at all times doing, , social, blah, blah, blah, and, like, going and taking a stroll barefoot within the timber and taking a trip, sleep, , like, there are such a lot of easy issues that can maintain you younger, that typically I really feel like, okay, we wish all of the inputs, so then we’ve to do all this different stuff to maintain up with the inputs, however perhaps if we simply, like, reduce down on the inputs a bit of bit, we would get the identical impact. And that’s manner cheaper, frankly. And in order that’s why I’m actually, actually passionate concerning the mind-body piece and the Vitality For Success work is that it’s a each day apply. You do it your self at house, or you are able to do it anyplace. It’s nice to do it out in nature, however they’re easy practices. And it’s every single day. You do have to concentrate to it every single day. However that work alone has taken years off me personally, I consider. So all people tells me I’m wanting like I’m getting youthful. In order that’s good.

Katie: Properly, yeah. I believe that’s an essential level in addition to that it’s tempting to wish to go discover the silver bullet that’s all these fancy therapies, however such as you personally, I’ve seen the most important outcomes from issues like optimizing sleep, and daylight, and hydration, issues that you just’re gonna have to do anyway. And should you can simply enhance these, it has a carryover impact. And should you aren’t centered on these, you possibly can spend some huge cash on all these different issues, they usually’re not gonna be as efficient anyway. So I’ve change into a really huge fan of issues, easy issues like morning daylight, and getting sufficient sleep, and fasting in numerous varieties at totally different occasions. I believe there’s simply these free instruments that we will use. And I’m excited, like I stated, to see the combination of all of these items collectively.

Dr. Marcella: Undoubtedly.

Katie: Additionally, anytime we’re speaking about neuroscience and neurosurgery, there’s clearly, I might guess, an enormous mind part right here as properly. And I believe this can be a matter that’s actually thrilling to delve into for everybody, particularly there’s quite a lot of dad and mom listening, and I speak rather a lot about training in addition to a homeschooling mother or father and dealing on constructing out an academic system. And so I’m curious in case you have any recommendation from the neurosurgical facet of how we will greatest help our brains, each as adults, as we’re getting older, and in addition in our youngsters, to present them essentially the most stable basis early on?

Dr. Marcella: That’s an important query. , the inspiration for the issues that we simply talked about. So, sleep might be no 1, 2, 3, and 4. I believe for the getting older mind, definitely, mitigating irritation is a big factor. All the neurodegenerative illnesses have pathophysiology associated to irritation. And if that that runs in your loved ones and even being proactive, as you stated, , getting your genetics checked out and see should you’re in danger for neurodegenerative illness is essential. Food plan, I really feel like, is a big piece of that. And, , a easy low inflammatory eating regimen more often than not, I believe, is a straightforward factor that anyone can do. It doesn’t imply you possibly can’t ever eat your favourite issues. It simply implies that more often than not, your baseline is low irritation. More often than not, you’re sleeping adequately. More often than not, you’re not ingesting alcohol. I really feel like these are straightforward issues that anyone can do. And train is a big piece of that. So, , high-intensity interval coaching a few occasions per week is great. , there are many totally different suggestions when it comes to train, however I imply, frankly, simply transfer. , like, that’s a straightforward one which anyone can do.

After which being exterior in nature, for positive, that we talked about already. After which, when it comes to youngsters, I actually really feel… So I’m a mother of two. I’ve a six-year-old and a two-year-old, each women, and I actually really feel like youngsters want area, free play area. And I see in my very own youngsters when they’re over-traveled, over-scheduled, over-structured, that their brains don’t work as properly and, over-deviced as properly. And, , I’ve the identical problem as anyone else does as a working mother or father or stay-at-home mother or father that, , youngsters wanna be entertained on a regular basis. And so, holding their brains free and having that open playtime is, like, excessive, excessive precedence, and clearly sleep, , ensuring that they’ve a schedule that helps sleep for positive.

Katie: I’m so excited to have a neurosurgeon on the file saying that it’s essential for youngsters to play as a result of I’ve been saying this for years. And that was really the impetus for constructing my complete academic system from the bottom up was realizing when my oldest hit faculty age that I used to be , like, what’s gonna greatest put together him for grownup life? And is it a standard faculty? Is it homeschooling? And I noticed there wasn’t any method that I felt, like, actually embraced all of the issues youngsters have to develop, the actually essential issues like creativity and significant pondering, and creativeness. And I believe an enormous part of that’s play and unstructured time and the area to be bored. Like, all these items that get taken away in our over-structured life. And I believe these issues are essential for adults too. We frequently overlook that we’re speculated to play as adults and do enjoyable issues and the motion part. So I really like that you just introduced that up. That’s so essential.

This podcast is dropped at you by Joovv Purple gentle remedy. Purple gentle remedy, also called photobiomodulation, is gaining reputation and with good motive. Many individuals swear by it for pores and skin well being and to assist gradual the getting older course of, however analysis exhibits that it might profit the physique in some ways. In a latest episode of this podcast, one visitor defined how dramatically gentle impacts the physique, influencing every thing from sleep to hormones and far more. He defined that some analysis exhibits that crimson gentle might help shield in opposition to injury from an excessive amount of blue gentle publicity or an excessive amount of solar publicity. Purple gentle does naturally happen at some occasions of the day too, which is one other nice motive to get exterior very first thing within the morning or because the solar units, however for these of us who can’t make {that a} behavior every single day, at house crimson lights like Joovv are the answer. Be taught extra and lock in an unique Wellness Mama low cost at

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Additionally, I’m guessing you see sufferers with, like, their post-concussive points or TBIs, and it looks as if there’s been media round it. These are on the rise, particularly youngsters, due to the way in which sports activities are altering however definitely in adults as properly. And I’ve had mates which have gone by means of some fairly extreme concussions and recoveries, together with a pricey pal who’s a few years out now and nonetheless simply now recovering her style and scent a bit of bit. So, what are a few of the ways in which you guys are addressing traumatic mind accidents and concussions?

Dr. Marcella: Yeah. So, , hyperbaric oxygen has a very nice physique of, I might say, anecdotal expertise and anecdotal literature. After which there are lively research being accomplished now for extreme TBI with hyperbaric oxygen. And anyone within the practical drugs world who is aware of hyperbaric, 100% that’s the primary therapy is at the least 40 periods plus. I believe that’s a straightforward factor. , it’s fairly accessible now in most locations. And we companion with an important heart right here in Austin, Texas, that we work with. In order that’s an enormous one. I believe the identical issues I stated earlier than with optimizing irritation, so low irritation eating regimen, sleep. I additionally suppose mind neurofeedback and mind coaching. We’ve some companions that we work with for our concussion sufferers for that, and I might say, , the biologic cell drugs piece. I do suppose that that’s the future. We’ve checked out that. We’ve a few, I might say, anecdotal conditions the place we discovered that useful. It’s nonetheless very early, and we don’t know for positive if that’s gonna work in all people. However the way in which that we work it’s if we see any person with this example, we suggest the issues that we all know for positive which have extra background behind, which might be the hyperbaric after which simply optimizing irritation, sleep, these are issues that, , anyone can do, like, we’ve talked about. After which in the event that they’ve gone by means of that and usually are not getting the place they wanna go, we’ll have a dialogue to contemplate biologic cell drugs and say, , “That is an possibility. We don’t know for positive, but it surely’s potential that this could enhance the neurologic scenario.” And so, , typically we try this with sufferers as properly.

Katie: Gotcha. And far much less severe or acute, however most individuals in my viewers are mothers. I hear from quite a lot of mothers who’ve both mind fog or fatigue or simply, like, that appears to be a quite common factor that’s talked about amongst mothers. So, you’re additionally a mother and a busy mother. So I’m curious in case you have something both personally or professionally that you just do to assist in that space? Possibly what your ideas are on issues like nootropics?

Dr. Marcella: Yeah. So, nice query. So one of many key issues that I began doing a couple of years in the past, only for my very own vitality degree and tinkering with totally different diets, I’m an enormous proponent of Dave Asprey and Bulletproof and the butter espresso. Like, for my physique, it really works very well. And so when it comes to, within the morning, my routine, that type of will get me, have my powerhouse, , morning, each morning, I spend a while with my two-year-old earlier than I’m going to work after the six-year-old goes to high school. And now the summer season, it’s each of them. And so, I do intermittent fasting from, like, dinner till… I imply, it’s type of a quick, as a result of then, , it’s like a bulletproof quick. You’d have your butter espresso within the morning. So when it comes to nootropic, when it comes to, , caffeine and butter, I believe that’s what works for me. I actually get pleasure from that.

I don’t actually… There are some nice dietary supplements on the market. I simply actually are likely to do the vitality work as a substitute of dietary supplements. And if I really feel like I’m having a drag within the afternoon, I’ll lay down for 15 minutes. I, particularly in my new workplace, acquired a chaise for my workplace in order that I can lay down for 15 minutes if I have to and do a guided visualization, do a respiratory, that at all times perks me proper up. After which the opposite factor that got here to me once you requested the query is, , being a mother and dealing or whether or not you’re working or not, you’re at all times, whether or not you’re working exterior the house or within the house, being a mother and doing all of the issues that mothers do as a result of we all know we do greater than no matter it’s any person thinks we’re doing. We’re doing, like, 100 issues extra. That’s a given. So, it takes a each day consideration, and it takes a each day apply. And that’s what I discovered about actually after I went again to work after having my first child. If I let up, if I don’t take note of myself enlargement or myself being full, I can’t do it, , I’ll be drained, or I’ll have a foul perspective, or I’ll, , say one thing grouchy to my child. And so, being a mother and plus all of the thousand issues that you just do every single day, whether or not it’s working at house or exterior the house, requires each day consideration to your self. And I do imply each day. So for me, that’s, once more, the vitality work that I do and doing, , respiratory every single day and particular bodily practices every single day. I write targets every single day for what I wish to occur that day in sure eight areas of life. So, yeah, it’s every single day. You don’t get off the hook.

Katie: Additionally, a brand new matter I’m guessing you may need some perspective on, I maintain seeing exosomes come up within the analysis. I’m curious should you’ve delved into them in any respect and should you can clarify, like, what they’re and the way they’re, type of, being evaluated proper now.

Dr. Marcellla: Yeah. These are little nanoparticles which are cell membrane on the skin, and on the within are development elements and RNA. They don’t have DNA, they usually’re not cells. Totally different firms derive them from totally different sources. Some come from younger grownup bone marrow, stem cells, for instance. Different firms use placental stem cells. They’re fully non-FDA permitted proper now. Loads of the businesses had been advertising them as a biologic. Now, the FDA is saying they should be on a pathway to change into a drug. And so, any of the businesses which are going to remain round must have an IND with the FDA to have the ability to even promote their product anymore. So, it’s a really…some individuals would say controversial. I might say it’s simply very, very new science. We would not have long-term research to know what these items are doing. We type of barely know what’s inside them, however the firms which are doing essentially the most aggressive, stringent functions with the FDA are attempting to characterize and standardize what’s in them. So, I might simply say they’ve an enormous quantity of promise. The businesses that I do know which are doing these IND functions are doing them for COVID. And I do know of some anecdotal stories of treating each acute and persistent COVID. And these have been revealed in peer-reviewed journals. So, there may be some early science. I believe it’s extremely promising. For treating illnesses which are exterior of the realm of what their INDs are for, I might say, we do not know. However we’ll know in a few years, I believe.

Katie: That’s thrilling, too. Let’s see. So that you’re doing a variety of therapies with a variety of sufferers. I’m curious, what’s the most uncommon factor or shocking factor that you just do in your apply?

Dr. Marcella: I believe… Properly, that is… So, after we acquired this new expertise, which is that this photobiomodulated PRP factor, we noticed these actually nice outcomes with a wide range of issues, like knee ache, or hip ache, or again ache or no matter. And we additionally noticed another person that was doing this had some nice beauty outcomes. And I used to be like, “Properly, I’ll simply attempt that as a result of that sounds nice.” And so I had my dermatologist pal do micro-needling for me, after which we did this process, and my outcome was nice, and I used to be tremendous thrilled with it. And different folks that I had not talked to noticed me on a Zoom had been like, “You look nice. You guys gotta do that.” So, we developed what’s known as the Aphrodite makeover, which is that this similar course of we do for ladies. We do face, breasts, and sexual enhancement. After which for guys, we do face, hair, and sexual enhancement.

And so should you had advised me 10 years in the past that I might be doing beauty sexual optimization for individuals, I might be like, “What? This doesn’t even make sense?” However now, it completely is smart as a result of it’s a pure development of if we’re gonna repair any person and assist their acute drawback and assist their ache and get them again to a life that’s higher than they’ll think about, which is my objective for each affected person, why wouldn’t I then say, “Let’s now work in your magnificence and sexual well being?” Why not? Like, if we’ve the facility to do this, we’ve the instruments to do it. And it’s a lot enjoyable, and it’s so rewarding. And so, our dream is placing these two makeovers along with the feminine, the Aphrodite, the male, the Eros, sufferers come collectively as a pair and do that therapy, and with the therapy, we do the vitality work. We do the decoding, they usually make targets about their therapy and the way they wanna join. So it’s a very enjoyable a part of my apply that’s fully surprising, and we’re simply having a good time doing it.

Katie: Properly, and also you’ve talked about the energetic science a number of occasions and the Vitality For Success, particularly. So I wanna be sure that we contact on this a bit of bit extra. And is that this one thing that you just provide particularly by means of your apply? Are there sources accessible for individuals to study this? Since you talked about, it’s been personally very useful for you, as properly. So I wanna be sure that I present sources for individuals to seek out out extra.

Dr. Marcella: Yeah. Thanks for asking. So Dr. Barry Morguelan’s program is known as the Vitality For Success. And you may simply go to, and there’s a wide range of methods to attach. There are numerous packages that you are able to do, however the core factor that we do in our apply is there’s a guided visualization that we’ve been given permission to present to our sufferers and a few particular practices that we give to our sufferers to optimize their therapeutic, earlier than and after a process or typically with no process they usually simply do it, , whereas they’re underneath our care. So that you don’t must be a affected person for positive to entry this. Anyone can entry it.

And what’s been actually great to see from the medical facet is, , sufferers are available in, they usually have an issue, they usually’re sitting in my workplace, they usually’re asking, “Physician, what do I do? Inform me what to do.” And it’s nearly like they’re on the finish of the fishing hook. Like, , the knowledge hole is so vast, , individuals are available in and do not know what their pictures imply and do not know what their ache means. They usually’ve gotten 4 different opinions, and none of them is smart. And it’s actually exhausting, and it’s complicated, and it’s scary. And once you’re in ache, this complete course of is simply actually scary and, , complicated. So, what this work does is offers you, the affected person, a solution to take part in your care from day one. And it’s one thing that it’s important to tackle your self, and also you do it, however you might be contributing to the therapeutic of your physique. So that you’re not simply on the receiving finish of your therapeutic, you might be contributing to the therapeutic. And, , once more, it’s easy stuff is what we inform sufferers to do is a guided visualization twice a day. There’s a objective writing apply. So I write targets for my very own sufferers, which means I would like this process to end up completely. I would like it to take this period of time. I would like them to have full decision of X, Y, and Z, and I write these targets each single day for my sufferers. And when our sufferers are available in for procedures, we coach them on writing their targets for themselves.

So we’re each harnessing this vitality work to get the very best consequence. After which for individuals that aren’t essentially in ache or having, , a well being drawback, how this vitality works is permitting you to entry… I imply, for everyone, it really works this manner. We don’t must have ache to have it work. It’s permitting you to entry a movement state on a regular basis. So, all people is aware of what it’s prefer to hit an ideal golf ball or to make the right plate of meals or to have the right dialog the place you’re not even positive if it was you doing it, it simply flowed, and it was great. That’s what the vitality work lets you connect with in a number of areas of life. And so, anyone who’s , simply go on the web site and skim extra about it. And the packages are actually, actually life-changing. And I began doing it for myself seven years in the past, to assist handle being a neurosurgeon and being a mother, and, , wanting all of it, frankly. And it was so highly effective for me that I needed to share it with my sufferers. In order that’s what I do now.

Katie: And I believe a very essential factor you simply introduced up is that concept of getting them be an lively participant of their care, which can be such an essential mindset shift. And, like, I’ve learn quite a lot of books like “The Biology of Perception,” and issues like that, like how that mindset shift is so critically essential. However I’ve additionally stated on right here so many occasions that every of us is our personal main healthcare supplier and the very best outcomes occur after we settle for the possession and duty of that after which discover, like, cutting-edge practitioners such as you who might help information the place to go. However that, like, the very best partnership, I believe, is with individuals such as you as a result of so usually I hear from people who find themselves being advised by their docs, like, “Oh, your signs aren’t actual. That is all in your head,” or “Simply do it this manner,” and like not being listened to. And so I believe that may be a actually cool part of getting individuals to actually heart in and take an lively position and work with you, which in fact, makes complete sense. You’ll have such good outcomes from that.

Dr. Marcella: Yeah. And it’s been actually fascinating. When individuals are given area and time to only specific, therapeutic occurs. I imply, that’s a part of this decoding course of that we do with considered one of our procedures. Individuals inform me on a regular basis, “I simply advised you one thing that I’ve by no means advised anyone.” And I’m a neurosurgeon, like, it’s fascinating that as a result of I’m approaching it on this manner, it’s popping out within the protected setting. Individuals actually will be capable to heal themselves. I imply, they’re doing it. They’re telling me the stuff and them popping out and telling me these items is contributing to their therapeutic. It’s actually cool.

Katie: I really like that. Properly, as we get near the tip of our time, there’s a couple of questions I like to ask. The primary being simply each as a mother and a practitioner, and with all this leading edge stuff that you just’re doing, what do you think about the most important, most essential needle movers in your each day routine in your each day life?

Dr. Marcella: I imply, I’ll return to the vitality. It’s the identical reply. I maintain saying it. However paying consideration. It doesn’t must be that proper. It may very well be any each day routine. I believe what you stated is essential. It’s each day and taking note of your personal, I wanna say vitality degree however taking note of the place you might be, like, checking in. You may go an entire day and never even be remotely related to your physique. So simply pausing and taking a second, the place am I? How do I really feel? What do I would like proper now? No matter that apply is, it’s important to do it every single day.

Katie: After which lastly, if there’s a e-book or a lot of books which have had a profound influence in your life, and if that’s the case, what they’re and why?

Dr. Marcella: So, this can be a exhausting query as a result of there’s so many nice books. Once I was youthful, I believe the one which stands out essentially the most might be “The Sound and the Fury,” which is Faulkner. And I believe it stood out as a result of my mind actually stretched with studying that and deciphering that, and dealing by means of it with my lecturers. And I actually gained this concept of, “Wow, like, I’m actually good. I can completely do that. That is wonderful.” So I simply keep in mind that being a strong… I imply, the story is great, and the prose is wonderful. And it’s written on this very totally different manner, issues that I’ve by no means skilled earlier than. And that have of studying one thing that was new and I by no means skilled earlier than after which with the ability to do it, that’s the movement state. That’s, like, doing one thing that’s new after which experiencing prowess inside it. That’s what we’ve entry to on a regular basis. And I skilled that as a child studying that e-book. And with the vitality work, I do now, that’s my objective now to expertise that on a regular basis. After which, as an grownup, there’s one other e-book that was actually highly effective for me known as “Energy vs. Pressure,” and it’s David Hawkins. And it’s concerning the common consciousness and the way the reply to each query exists and the right way to entry that, and it’s actually profound quantum info. It’s cool.

Katie: I adore it. I’ll put each of these within the present notes, in addition to hyperlinks to every thing we’ve talked about on this episode and a hyperlink to your apply into the Vitality For Success info. I’m so excited, like I stated, originally, to know there are docs such as you who’re on the leading edge of mixing all of those modalities, and I’m so appreciative of your time. I understand how busy you might be. Thanks a lot for being right here at this time.

Dr. Marcella: Thanks a lot for having me. It was a thrill and pleasure to satisfy you.

Katie: And thanks as at all times to all of you guys for listening and for sharing your Most worthy sources, your time, and your vitality with us at this time. We’re each so grateful that you just did, and I hope that you just’ll be a part of me once more on the following episode of the “Wellness Mama” podcast.

When you’re having fun with these interviews, would you please take two minutes to go away a score or evaluation on iTunes for me? Doing this helps extra individuals to seek out the podcast, which implies much more mothers and households may gain advantage from the knowledge. I actually admire your time, and thanks as at all times for listening.

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