As a faithful fan of skincare, at-home spa therapies, and, most just lately, face yoga, I’m all the time looking out for brand new methods to pamper myself. Thus, I couldn’t assist however discover the latest uptick in magnificence influencers raving about their Gua Sha stones, jade rollers, and related facial therapeutic massage instruments. In addition to the truth that the device themselves are fairly stunning, the purported advantages had me intrigued.

Gua Sha facial massages supposedly work by enhancing lymphatic drainage within the face and neck, resulting in smoother, clearer pores and skin. The lymphatic system performs a central function in immunity, and it additionally works to clear waste merchandise out of your tissues. Within the magnificence and wellness industries, Gua Sha is regularly promoted as a technique to “detoxify.” That time period all the time offers me pause, particularly when the detoxifying service in query prices greater than my automobile fee. Futhermore, Gua Sha comes from conventional Chinese language drugs, or TCM, and I’m all the time cautious of the American magnificence business co-opting and commodifying conventional practices from different cultures.

On the identical time, I do need a well-functioning lymphatic system, and facial therapeutic massage feels implausible, so I used to be motivated to take a look at this follow for myself. Right here’s what I discovered.

What’s Gua Sha?

Gua Sha is an historic Chinese language medicinal follow through which a practitioner makes use of a rounded device to scrape the pores and skin of an individual affected by a illness like heatstroke, widespread chilly, or fever. I say “practitioner,” however all through historical past, Gua Sha was primarily a folks treatment. Your grandmother or mom would probably be the one to seize a soup spoon, coin, or little bit of horn and set about scraping your again if you fell ailing.

The scraping is designed to kind petechiae, little pinprick spots underneath the pores and skin that seem like a flat rash. The truth is, Gua Sha is variously translated as “scraping petechiae,” “scraping bruises,” or “scraping sand.” In TCM, the colour of the petechiae—which could seem as crimson, pink, purple, or brown—is indicative of the affected person’s underlying well being issues.

Conventional Gua Sha normally focuses on the limbs, buttocks, again, and neck, and it’s particularly used as a medical intervention. The fashionable magnificence pattern focuses on the face and is predominantly beauty (although the road is blurry when medical-sounding phrases like lymphatic drainage are used to advertise facial therapies). Each practices make use of flat, rounded instruments normally made out of stone, wooden, bone, horn, or ceramic, however that’s about the place the similarities finish. Whereas conventional Gua Sha normally isn’t painful, it’s additionally not light. The scraping ought to go away a mark, and you could be sore for a pair days after receiving a therapy. Facial Gua Sha is billed as rejuvenating, the sunshine strokes shouldn’t elevate petechiae on the face.

For lack of higher phrases, I’ll use “conventional Gua Sha” and “facial Gua Sha” to differentiate the 2 for the rest of this submit, though some individuals argue that the time period Gua Sha shouldn’t be used to explain beauty facial therapeutic massage.


What Advantages Does Gua Sha Provide?

Gua Sha seems in written data through the Ming Dynasty round 1,500 years in the past, however the follow might be significantly older than that. As a standard treatment, it has lengthy been used to deal with all method of sickness or continual ache.

There’s not a variety of up to date analysis on Gua Sha, however a handful of research validate that Gua Sha may help sufferers affected by again and neck ache. Particular person research have additionally discovered that Gua Sha can alleviate signs of diabetic peripheral neuropathy, enhance the breastfeeding experiences of latest moms, and supply reduction for ladies experiencing perimenopausal complaints like sizzling flashes and insomnia.

As for beauty purposes, facial Gua Sha lovers promise a younger and sculpted look, glowing pores and skin, and fewer wrinkles. Some bodyworkers declare that Gua Sha strategies can be utilized to scale back cellulite and bloating. Nonetheless, the proof is anecdotal at this level. You’ll should fulfill your self with the (admittedly spectacular) before-and-after photographs on social media. From what I can inform, any beauty advantages you derive will in all probability be short-lived except you preserve a daily therapy routine.

How Does Gua Sha Work?

In line with TCM, conventional Gua Sha works by balancing qi, the power or life pressure that flows by means of the physique. Practitioners scrape Gua Sha instruments alongside sure pathways or meridians to launch blockages and transfer stagnant power. Acupuncturists typically use Gua Sha alongside needling since each practices give attention to power channels throughout the physique.

From a Western medical perspective, the mechanisms underlying Gua Sha’s helpful properties should not properly understood. Gua Sha may work by rising circulation, exerting anti-inflammatory results, defending cells from oxidative stress, modulating the ache response, or the entire above. As with different varieties of tool-assisted bodywork such because the Graston method, Gua Sha can also assist enhance mobility by decreasing scar tissue and selling collagen synthesis. Nonetheless, these proposed results are largely hypothetical at this level, as a result of the analysis on Gua Sha is pretty scant.

Can Gua Sha Promote “Lymphatic Drainage?”

“Lymphatic drainage” and “lymphatic therapeutic massage” are buzzwords within the magnificence and wellness areas, however what do they imply? To place it merely, the lymphatic system circulates a fluid known as lymph in a lot the identical manner your circulatory system strikes blood all through the physique. Lymph sits within the house between cells and acts as a set system for mobile waste merchandise and particles. Lymphatic vessels drain the lymph and transport it to lymph nodes that act as filters earlier than returning the lymph to the bloodstream to be deposited again among the many cells.

I’m oversimplifying a sophisticated course of right here, however suffice it to say that your lymphatic system cleans your tissues, so to talk. The lymphatic system additionally delivers immune cells known as lymphocytes all through your physique to battle off international invaders. So yeah, it’s fairly vital.

The query is: does Gua Sha do something to assist the lymphatic system perform optimally? Perhaps. In sure acute circumstances, lymph fluid can change into trapped within the tissue and trigger vital swelling, a situation known as lymphedema. Left untreated, lymphedema can result in extreme points like an infection. Docs will typically use therapeutic massage strategies known as guide lymphatic drainage to attempt to push fluid out of the tissues. Theoretically, conventional Gua Sha may exert related results if the strategies overlap, however I wasn’t capable of finding any research exhibiting that Gua Sha is efficient for treating lymphedema.

A few research have demonstrated that Gua Sha will increase microcirculation underneath the pores and skin’s floor, which may result in enhanced fluid change between the blood vessels, interstitial fluid between cells, and lymph vessels. In plain converse, these research do counsel that Gua Sha promotes the motion of lymph throughout the lymphatic system, which may very well be one mechanism by which Gua Sha exerts helpful results. Extra analysis is required, although.

The (Doubtful?) Claims of Lymphatic Therapeutic massage for Pores and skin Advantages

Magnificence specialists will let you know that facial Gua Sha works by bettering lymphatic drainage and clearing “toxins” — toxins that are “identified” to result in dryness, blemishes, and all method of pores and skin maladies. These claims are all over the place on the Web. The issue is, it’s not clear that poor lymphatic drainage is on the root of pores and skin points within the first place, nor that facial therapeutic massage promotes helpful lymphatic drainage in individuals with usually functioning lymphatic techniques. Some clinicians do use guide lymphatic drainage to assist sufferers with lymphedema of the top and neck, which might happen on account of surgical procedure to take away cancerous lymph nodes within the neck, for instance.

It’s not that facial Gua Sha is ineffective. Loads of individuals swear by it and derive a variety of pleasure from together with it of their magnificence routines. I’m simply unsure the advantages are on account of lymphatic drainage or something alongside these strains. It appears not less than as probably that it really works by moisturizing the pores and skin (you set oils or serums on the pores and skin to permit the Gua Sha stone to glide), rising circulation, and selling rest.

Performing Gua Sha at Dwelling

Before everything, is it protected? Typically sure, so long as you recognize what you’re doing. Nonetheless, every time you’ve a particular medical concern, it’s all the time finest to seek the advice of a educated skilled and allow them to do the work. Gua Sha shouldn’t be really useful for people with circulatory issues or wounds, rashes, or different pores and skin points.

Facial Gua Sha can be protected to carry out at residence, however once more, ensure you know what you’re doing. Don’t pull too exhausting on delicate under-eye pores and skin and take a look at to not poke your self within the eye together with your device. In any other case, so long as you’re light, it may be a soothing and enjoyable addition to your self-care routine.

Gua Sha FAQs

What’s Gua Sha?

Gua Sha is an historic Chinese language medicinal follow through which a practitioner makes use of a rounded device to scrape the pores and skin for therapeutic functions. It could assist alleviate ache and irritation. Right now, Gua Sha stones are additionally marketed as magnificence instruments for performing facial therapeutic massage.

Is Gua Sha protected?

Each conventional Gua Sha carried out on the physique and facial Gua Sha therapeutic massage are typically thought to be protected. Nonetheless, Gua Sha shouldn’t be really useful for individuals with circulatory issues, pores and skin points like rashes or wounds, or latest surgical procedures except your physician says in any other case.

What instruments and oils ought to I exploit with Gua Sha?

Gua Sha practitioners use rounded instruments made out of stone, wooden, animal bone, horn, or ceramic, in addition to family implements like soup spoons and cash. Gua Sha facial stones are sometimes fabricated from semi-precious stone like rose quartz. Virtually any oil will work. Jojoba oil is a impartial, hypoallergenic possibility.

What’s lymphatic therapeutic massage?

The lymphatic system circulates a fluid known as lymph, which carries immune cells and clears waste merchandise from tissues. Lymph travels by means of vessels just like blood vessels, however it may be trapped in tissue, inflicting swelling and an infection. Lymphatic therapeutic massage may help relieve swelling and promote lymphatic drainage.

Does Gua Sha work to advertise lymphatic drainage?

Proponents declare that it does. Nonetheless, little or no analysis has been completed on Gua Sha, so it’s not clear how Gua Sha works. Whereas Gua Sha could act on the lymphatic system, there are different attainable explanations for its helpful results. Extra research are wanted.


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