Mashed potatoes are nearly anticipated as a part of a vacation unfold. Actually, I’d argue that mashed potatoes seem on extra vacation tables than a turkey or roast, as a result of even vegans will serve them. However, in case you’ve been residing extra ancestrally and also you’ve been retaining your carbs low, you could be in search of a low-carb various to mashed potatoes.

Whether or not you’re attempting to decrease your carb consumption or simply change issues up, why not attempt a unique vegetable mash this season? To not fear, every of those choices makes a terrific automobile for gravy, and we’re all in it for the gravy anyway, aren’t we?

Carbs in Mashed Potatoes

One cup of mashed potatoes comprises 36.9 g of carbohydrates. After you subtract the fiber, you’re left with 33.6 g internet carbs in mashed potatoes.

If you happen to’re limiting carbs, only one serving of conventional mashed potatoes doesn’t depart room for a lot else.

Low-carb and Keto Alternate options to Conventional Mashed Potatoes

  • Cauliflower: 3.2g internet carbs per cup
  • Broccoli: 3.6g internet carbs per cup
  • Spaghetti squash: 5.5g internet carbs per cup
  • Turnips: 6.1g internet carbs per cup
  • Pumpkin: 6.9g internet carbs per cup
  • Carrots: 8.7g internet carbs per cup
  • Rutabaga: 8.9g internet carbs per cup
  • Celery Root: 11.6g internet carbs per cup
  • Butternut squash: 13.6g internet carbs per cup
  • Parsnip: 17.4g internet carbs per cup
  • Acorn squash: 21g internet carbs per cup
  • Candy potato: 22.8g internet carbs per cup

low carb keto alternatives to mashed potatoes vegetable options

Find out how to Prep Your Mash or Purée

chooped cauliflower and turnips for low carb keto alternatives to mashed potatoes

Boiling or Steaming

This selection will work for any of the above veggies. Merely peel, slice, or chop your vegetable into uniform 1-inch items and fill a pot with water and produce to a boil on the stovetop. Rigorously place the veggies within the water if boiling them or decrease them right into a steamer basket if steaming. The entire time will range relying upon the vegetable and the way massive you chop them, however as soon as they’re fork-tender, pressure out the water and place the comfortable veggie items again into the pot.

boiled cauliflower for low carb keto alternatives to mashed potatoes


Roasting will work greatest for winter squash and candy potato. Reduce your squash in half or cubes and drizzle with avocado oil. Place on a sheet pan and roast in a 375-degree oven till tender. Scoop out the flesh.

roasted squash and sweet potatoes for low carb keto alternatives to mashed potatoes

To Mash

Place your veggies again within the pot you boiled them in or in a big bowl in case you roasted them. Use a potato masher to start to mash the veggies.

mashing cauliflower for low carb keto alternatives to mashed potatoes

Add just a few tablespoons of butter and a bit of milk or dairy-free milk as wanted to mash right into a clean texture. Some greens will mash extra easily than others so the period of time this takes will range. Season with salt and pepper and also you’re able to eat!

mashing cauliflower in a pot for low carb keto alternatives to mashed potatoes

To Mash Your Veggies in a Meals Processor

Place the boiled or roasted veggies in a meals processor. Add butter and pulse or flip the processor on and start processing the greens. Add a bit of milk or dairy-free milk if wanted to realize the correct consistency. Season with salt and pepper to style.

food processor squash for low carb keto alternatives to mashed potatoes

Flavorful Additions to Add to Your Mash

  • Roasted garlic
  • Crisp-fried sage
  • Contemporary herbs of any sort, however particularly rosemary, thyme, sage, or parsley
  • Coconut milk
  • Tahini paste
  • Cinnamon
  • Maple syrup

low carb keto alternatives to mashed potatoes

Are Potatoes Keto?

As a result of potatoes include over 30 g of carbs per cup, potatoes aren’t thought of keto. You would need to eat a particularly small, unsatisfying quantity of potatoes to remain in ketosis.

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