When an individual goes on the lookout for data on “collagen” dietary supplements, they usually come out extra confused than they went in. There are seemingly dozens of various varieties. There’s gelatin. There’s animal collagen. There’s marine collagen. Hydrolysate and peptides. After which there are all of the “sorts” of collagen: kind I, kind II, kind III, kind IV, kind V, and on down the road, every with distinctive properties and purposes. Everybody appears to say one thing completely different.

What are you imagined to imagine? How does an individual make sense of all of it? What are variations between them?

Let’s try this proper now.


Gelatin is heat-treated collagenous animal tissue. Whether or not you’re a meals producer turning uncooked pores and skin and bones into powdered gelatin to be used in jello or a house prepare dinner slowly simmering beef knuckles in a pot on the range to make wealthy bone broth that gelatinizes when chilly, you’re utilizing warmth to transform collagenous tissue into gelatin.

Gelatin is partially soluble in water. Whereas its chemical construction prevents it from dissolving in chilly or room temperature water, it does dissolve in scorching water.

The health benefits of gelatin are equal to collagen. They’ve the identical amino acid profile — a number of glycine, proline, hydroxyproline, alanine, lysine, and others. Contained in the physique, they’re all damaged down into those self same amino acids and utilized.

Gelatin is implausible to have within the kitchen. When you can’t simply combine it into chilly drinks or throw it in a smoothie like you’ll be able to collagen hydrolysate, you should use it to thicken pan sauces, enrich retailer purchased inventory and broth, and make healthy jello treats or luxurious gelatinous desserts.

Each time I make a curry with coconut milk, as one of many ultimate steps I whisk in a tablespoon or two of gelatin to thicken it up and provides the curry that syrupy mouth really feel. This can be a game-changer, of us. Attempt it and also you’ll see. That is additionally works in spaghetti sauce, soup, just about something that features liquid. Frying up a burger? Add some water to the pan, scrape up the fond (brown bits connected to the pan which are stuffed with taste), whisk in some gelatin, and scale back till it’s a thick sauce.

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Collagen Hydrolysate and Peptides

Collagen hydrolysate and peptides each mix readily into cold and warm liquids, and so they give your physique what it must assemble its personal collagen. Hydrolysis is the method, peptides are the tip product. Collagen hydrolysate refers back to the technique of utilizing enzymes to interrupt the peptide bonds to supply collagen peptides.

Animal Collagen

All collagen you see is animal collagen as a result of there isn’t a collagen that comes from non-animal sources. Crops don’t comprise collagen. I’m certain some startup is tough at work on producing lab-grown collagen, which paradoxically may be far much less problematic than lab-grown steaks, however it isn’t obtainable for buy but. It’s all animals.

What most individuals imply by “animal collagen” is land animal collagen—by far the commonest kind. Until explicitly said in any other case, the collagen you encounter in the marketplace comes from land animals like cows and pigs.

Animal collagen is essentially the most evolutionarily congruent kind on the planet. As a result of for so long as we’ve been consuming animals (nicely over one million years), we’ve been stripping them of their collagenous tissue for consumption. Even when the collagen wasn’t seen however reasonably entombed in weight-bearing bones, we might smash these bones with stones and boil them in ruminant stomachs to extract each final drop of fats and collagen.

Don’t fear about any unfavorable stuff you may hear about “animal collagen”; it’s what we’re made to eat. Heck, it’s what we’re product of.

Marine Collagen

Marine collagen is not extra-strong collagen derived from the battle-hardened sinews and bones of fallen heroes from the US Marine Corps. It’s collagen derived from marine animals, normally fish but in addition invertebrates like squid, cuttlefish, and jellyfish.

Advertising sorts promoting fish collagen declare that as a consequence of its decrease molecular weight, marine collagen can be extra bioavailable than collagen from land animals. This could possibly be true. Fish collagen drawn from fish waste does have decrease molecular weight than mammalian collagen, and that ought to result in barely larger bioavailability. However I ponder of its relevance.

One pro-marine collagen paper that makes a robust case for using marine collagen in wound restore, oral supplementation, and different medical purposes doesn’t point out elevated bioavailability. It could be barely extra bioavailable—the decrease the molecular weight, the extra true that’s—however I don’t assume the impact may be very significant. We all know mammalian collagen is loads bioavailable as a result of most research use collagen from cows or pigs, even when it’s a couple of dozen kilodaltons heavier.

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Collagen Varieties I, II, III, IV, and V

Collagenous tissues should not uniform. Cartilage doesn’t look or really feel like tendon, which doesn’t really feel like pores and skin. They’re all barely completely different as a result of there are completely different “sorts” of collagen that represent them. Over two dozen, truly. But when we’re speaking about supplementary or dietary collagen, there are three major sorts we encounter.

Kind I Collagen

Present in pores and skin, bones, tendons, eyes, and plenty of different tissues kind I collagen constitutes virtually 90% of the collagen within the physique. That goes for people but in addition cows and pigs and different mammals, which means all through the course of meat-eating human historical past, the overwhelming majority of dietary collagen we’ve consumed has been kind I collagen. As such, kind I, although “boring and unexciting,” is the type of collagen we must be specializing in.

Kind II Collagen

Cartilage is product of kind II collagen. When you’re a gristle eater, an end-of-bone scraper, you’re getting kind II collagen. You too can get a pleasant dose of kind II collagen by consuming the sternum of the hen carcass—that’s the unctuous morsel of chewy cartilage mendacity on the finish of the chest bone between the ribcages and certainly one of my favourite elements of the hen.

Kind III Collagen

Kind III collagen seems alongside kind I in pores and skin, bones, and in addition will be present in blood vessels and different hole organs all through the physique. Most collagen dietary supplements are kind I with a little bit of kind III.

Varieties IV and V

Varieties IV and V aren’t as plentiful within the physique, and aren’t as extensively utilized in dietary supplements. You might even see these in dietary supplements as a part of mixture collagens. When you eat a different eating regimen, you’ll in all probability get sufficient in your meals.

Concentrate on Varieties I, II, and III for pores and skin, hair, joints, and different advantages you’re after. How a lot of every? To be fairly sincere, it’s not a giant deal both manner in case you get extra Kind I than Kind II or Kind III. They’re all made up of the identical fundamental amino acids, and your physique is aware of what to do with them as soon as they’re digested and assimilated. You don’t must micromanage varied collagen sorts so long as you’re consuming some type of the collagen, whether or not by collagen peptides, gelatin, or gelatinous meats and bones.

I want it had been completely different. I want you may get crazily particular results by consuming plenty of a selected collagen kind. However, so far as my analysis reveals, you’ll be able to’t.

Thanks for studying, everybody. I hope it clears some issues up and makes your determination a complete lot simpler.


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